Visit Our Farm

Feel free to walk around and enjoy the experiences of our working farm! There’s never an admittance fee. Bring the whole family to join us for these unique experiences

  • Watch our people milk the cows.
  • Pet the baby cows.
  • Enjoy your cone under our covered pavilion.
  • Witness a live birth! (If you’re lucky!).
  • Help feed the calves a bottle! (At feeding time).


Regd Office
Old no. 8 New no. 33, Madurai veeran kovil street,
T Nagar, Chennai-600017, Tamilnadu.
Off: +91 98403 38015 | Tel: +91 97890 45415

Farm Address
Vallam Village, Vandavasi, Tiruvallur District, Tamilnadu.
Tel: +91 98403 38015

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