Desi Cow

“ Gavyam pavitram cha rasayanam cha pathayam cha hridyam balbudhim Aayuh pradam raktavikarhari tridoshridogvisapham syat”

“The five elements that come from the Desi Cow (Urine, Dung, Milk, Curd and Ghee) are sacred and are medically beneficial for the heart; they give strength and enhance intellect. They give long life, purify the blood and balance the Vatha, Pitha and Kapha doshas. They cure all diseases and detoxify the body.”

Millions of Hindus revere and worship Desi Cows. Hinduism is a religion that raises the status of Mother to the level of Goddess. Therefore, the Desi Cow is considered a sacred animal, as it provides us life sustaining milk. The Desi Cow is seen as a maternal figure, a care taker of her people. The Desi Cow is a symbol of the divine bounty of earth.

Lord Krishna, one of the most well-known of the Hindu deities is often depicted playing his flute amongst Desi Cows and dancing Gopikas (milkmaids). He grew up as a Cow herder. Krishna also goes by the names Govinda and Gopala, which literally mean “friend and protector of Desi Cows.” It is considered highly auspicious for a true devotee to feed a Desi Cow, even before having ones own breakfast.

Throughout the Desi scriptures there are verses which emphasize that the Desi Cow must be protected and cared for. It is considered a sin to kill a Desi Cow and eat its meat. Even today in India, there are many states in which the slaughter of Desi Cows is illegal.

Importance of Desi cow

The Desi Cow accomplishes human welfare in this world as well the heavenly worlds which can be classified as given below

a) Benefits in the heavenly world

One cannot imagine a yagya without a Desi Cow and their milk products.It is believed that Humans become pure mentally and physically only after consuming Panchgavya which is made out of Desi Cow curd, ghee, milk, Desi Cow urine and Desi Cow dung. Desi Cow Ghee is the prime ingredient in a yagya, while Desi Cow dung is the main fuel.

3.3 crore deities are believed to reside in Desi Cow, In this manner a Desi Cow is god herself!

If one serves the Desi Cow, then that desires get fulfilled. If one serves the Desi Cow and want nothing in return then that person is definitely liberated from this world from the cycle of life and birth and attain self-enlightenment like Aruni.

b) Native Desi Cows and Environment

Desi Cow dung has a good fertilizing ability which can convert barren lands into fertile. That is why it is like a mother for all Vegetation. It also acts as a hindrance for radioactivity. In Bhopal gas tragedy, the houses which were coated with Desi Cow dung were less damaged.

c) Medical benefits of Desi Cow

Desi Cow urine has the ability to cure thousands of diseases. In ancient medical system (Ayurveda) only Desi Cow’s urine, ghee, milk or curd were used to cure diseases. One has seen a certain effect of Desi Cow dung and Desi Cow urine, buttermilk, curd, ghee on Skin diseases, stomach disease,Eye disease, heart disease, etc.

The native Desi Cow balances gases, bile and mucus in the body and hence keeps the person healthy. The medical system which uses Desi Cow’s products is pure, natural and has no probabilities of side effects.

आ गावो अग्मन्नुत भद्रकम्रन् सीदंतु गोष्मेरणयंत्वस्मे ।
प्रजावतीः पुरुरूपा इहस्स्युरिंद्राय पूर्वीरुष्सोदुहानाः ॥
Oh Desi Cows! You make the weak person healthy and a dull person cleverer with your milk and ghee

d) Desi Cow and Finance

India is an agricultural country and Desi Cow is a farmer’s most significant wealth. From fertilizer, fuel, milk, curd, ghee, bullock cart, transportation everything is dependent on the Desi Cow. Today, the world is struggling from fuel crisis whereas the fuel obtained from the Desi Cow is a stable alternative source of energy. Today CNG is being produced from Desi Cow dung.

Food grains stemmed out of Desi Cow dung are natural and are organic which is key to good health. This will save a lot of investment of our country on foreign medicines.

In simple, Desi Cow makes a man self-dependent, and he does not become a burden on the nation but participates in the development of the nation. To understand this is the need of the hour!!!

The Difference




Hump is absent in non desi ones. This nadi (vein) absorbs all the energies and radiations from sun, moon and all luminaries from universe and puts them in Desi Cow products like milk, urine, dung, ghee (clarified butter) etc.


Dewlap is a prominent specific fold of skin below neck which is prominently present in Desi Cows as seen in photo above. This dewlap gives immunity power to Desi Cow and Desi Cow products. Higher the Dewlap, higher the immunity power for the Desi Cow, making it disease resistance.

Rounded Back

Rounded back – The back of Desi Cows in nicely rounded where as that of non desi cows in mostly sharp or angular.

Prominent Forehead

The Desi Cows have prominent forehead of round shape. The non Desi cows have almost flat forehead.

Desi Cow Urine

It is described in scriptures that in Desi Cow urine Ganges are present. As Ganges water never gets bad similarly urine of Desi Cow will never get bad. All readers can try it. Urine of Desi Cows and non Desi Cows is filled in clean glass bottles and kept,you can observe that the urine of Desi Cows is never spoiled or rots. But the urine of non Desi variety without hump and dewlap gets rotten after few days.

Desi Cow Dung

Dung of Desi Cows have following few properties which is not present in non Desi variety. Dung of Desi Cows in normal condition of health is of solid consistency. It is always covered by thin membrane. It always has a pleasing odour. Dung of non Desi species is of liquid consistency. It can’t maintain its shape like dung of Desi Cows. It doesn’t have a membrane covering as the dung of Desi Cows. Dung of non Desi Cows has repulsive odour.